Advanced Junior Golf / Kevin Chin Golf Mentor Program


Who is a Mentor?

All our staff are great with kids and knowledgeable golfers. But the mentor also has experince with competitive golf (see staff bio's here).

I find kids learn well when mimicking and imitating what they see, so the mentor will often play along and demonstrate. 
What is a Mentor Program, and how is it different from other Junior programs we offer?

Mentor programs are smaller groups designed to spend more time on the course to learn real life golf situations.

There is less time doing skills competitions, games, drills, etc, and unlike private and semi-private lessons with Kevin this program, deals much less with full swing mechanics.

Smaller Groups

Maximum 4:1 Mentor to Junior ratio.

Please note you can make your own group of different sizes, or have a 1:1 mentor experience.

Experienced golfers only 

*(Private and semi-private groups are open to any level) 

Junior must have some golf experience. Age 11+


2017 Mentor Program Options


Description Cost Payment

1 Hour:

Private & Semi-Private

If you prefer to work directly with Kevin Chin, please visit Private Lessons or Custom Packages

Private: $69

2-Juniors: $39.50 Each

3-Juniors: $33 Each

# of Jrs

Student name(s)

Phone Number

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1.5 Hours


Which Day

(please provide date in provided box)

Date of mentor & Child's Name

Best Phone # ('s)

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3.5 Hours


Select Day 3-6:30pm

Best Phone Number

Student Name & Age

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