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We are taking this very seriously and everyone’s safety is of the utmost importance to us.

The golf course is planning to open the last weekend in March. Until that time we have use of the temporary 9 – hole course, driving range, putting green and short game area. The general public will not be able to come to the course until it officially opens. 

I have decided to run a small camp for the next few weeks beginning Monday, March 16, 2020, running to April 3, 2020:

·      I plan on personally running the camps.
·      Each camp session is 1 full week (Monday – Friday).
·      We will be outside. Please do your own research for outdoor versus indoor safety and contagion.
·      Golf is a non-contact sport and I will be mindful to practice social distancing.
·      Small groups limit 6 (minimum 2 students).
·      You must bring your own equipment. (No sharing)

* As stated before the golf course is planned on not being available to the general public until the official opening. 

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Adult Group Golf

Learn what happens to the club, ball and our body during a good golf shot. Why is it easier for us to do it that way, why can it be so mentally challenging and how the heck do we do it consistently?

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Junior Golf

Our Junior Golf Program is for… Getting Outside, Learning & Fun!

Our mission for junior golf is to create a safe and fun learning environment.

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Custom Programs

Looking for a customized approach to learning golf? Want to have a unique birthday experience?

We can help you create the perfect custom golf program to fit your needs, including groups.

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The Kevin Chin Golf Philosophy

The direction of our lesson plans will depend on the student’s available time and energy to put into setting achievable measurable goals. Most situations call for good explanations which helps the student understand and build off of the info given rather then just a list of things to remember (especially if the list contradicts itself).

Learn how to practice productively! For those of you who do great practicing, but can’t do it well on the course, we have to get you to bridge the gap from the range to the course. I have exercises that simulate playing from the range and we can practice on the course. 

Learn more about our Philosophy…

That’s My Boy!! Tommy Chin.
Always follow through, son. I Love You! 🙂

Exciting News!!

Kevin Chin awarded Best Golf Professional 4 out of the last 5 years, voted by you!
Thank you all so much!


Ready to take your golf game to the next level?

Our mission for our golf programs is to create a safe and fun learning environment for all ages. Through instruction, practice, and a variety of individual as well as team activities we enable and inspire our students to reach their full potential as responsible, honest, and self-confident people.

My sincerest thank you for all the support in earning the 2019 PGA Deacon Palmer Award.

Congratulations to all 2019 PGA award winners!

Follow our student’s and staff’s progress and accomplishments:

  • PJ Mariani in earning his PGA Professional certification.
  • George Mead for finishing 3rd in the Golf Channel Amateur Tour at Glen Ellen CC.
  • Julian Suri played at Lake Isle as a junior (before my tenure), and now he’s ranked 61st in the world, Not bad! 🙂 check out his PGA tour page (Click Here).
  • Kyle Gardner shot a 69 in the New York amateur qualifying round.
  • Steven Wieder (pictured on the right) on earning a golf scholarship to Belmont Abbey. 27-2 career record at Iona Prep. 2 Time Qualifier for the NYSCHSAA golf tournament. Career-high school average of 39.

Google Reviews and Testimonials from previous Kevin Chin Golf Students!

  • Kevin is a great teacher. I played golf for a number of years, but was never any good. After a summer of lessons with Kevin and some practice, my golf game improved dramatically and I am having a lot more fun on the golf course. Not only does he explain how to correctly swing a golf club, but he explains why the swing is correct. He will give you the necessary tools to succeed out on the golf course. I took 1 hour Adult private lessons with Kevin and I recommend them to anyone that either wants to learn how to golf or learn how to improve their game. His personalty is always great, he is a laid back guy and his lessons were always fun.
  • Kevin is a very knowledgable instructor and he is very attentive. The camp is a good mix of teaching technique, playing on the course and participating in golf related games. Overall this golf camp is a better experience than other available golf camps in the area. I rate it 5/5
  • Kevin is very knowledgeable about the game and caters his teachings to you specifically. His lessons have a very personalized feel and he breaks it down so you know what improvements can be made and also why to provide a better understanding. His lessons have helped my game and I can't recommmend him enough as a golf instructor.
  • I took my first lesson with Kevin today. I have been playing golf for 50 years. I think I have found my Sensei. It is not easy to teach an old dog new tricks, but an hour with Kevin was an eye-opener.