Our junior golf programs are for all levels. Our philosophy on working with kids is; Fun! Fun! Fun! Safety is by far most important, but it doesn’t sacrifice fun. Game Based Learning, camaraderie and confidence building. We aren’t heavy on intensive instruction. If you want that we suggest private or semi-private lessons.

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2021 Westchester Junior Interclub Rules and Regulations:

Watson DivisionWhippoorwill Country Club – Thursday, July 15th – Tee Times starting at 7:30 AM**Rye Country Club – Tuesday, July 20th – Tee Times starting at 12:00 PM – PRO JUNIORLake Isle – Monday, July 26th – Tee Times starting at 12:00 PMLeewood Country Club – Tuesday, July 27th – Tee Times starting at 7:30 AMApawamis Country Club – Tuesday, August 10th – Tee Times starting at 9:30 AM


A team of up to six players will represent each club and compete for points.The schedule will show the number of alternates allowed at each club. If your club would like to have more alternates, please contact the host club to see if more alternates can be arranged. Please let the host club know how many players you anticipate sending to each event.Eligibility & Age LimitThere is no minimum age limit, but anyone who has attended college or is over the age of 18 at the time of the division finals will be ineligible to play. No player belonging to more than one club or a club fielding 2 teams is allowed to play for both teams (i.e. 1 club, 1 team).Time of play:The participants should arrive a ½ hour before the players scheduled tee time or the time of the shotgun. In the event of a player or team arriving unusually late, the coordinating club will determine if any time of starting penalty is necessary. Weather:In the event of inclement weather, the host club will decide on a course of action prior to the event and will contact a coordinating club representative. The host club representative will use email or phone to inform other teams of the weather situation and the possible cancellation of the event. If there is inclement weather during the round, points accumulated over the holes played by all players will be used to determine the winners.Rescheduling:Every effort to either reschedule a rained out event at the host club or an alternate site will be made. It is the responsibility of the host club coordinator to do so. Team RosterTeam coordinators will email or fax your team roster to the host club no later than the day before the event. The host club will only use the roster order sent by the participating clubs to try to have players of equal skill level to play together whenever possible. Changes may be made only by that club’s representative or professional, not by the players themselves.Tee area:All girls will play from the women’s tees. All boys will play from 6100 – 6400 yards. During the Division Finals, the yardage for boys should measure closer to the top range of the recommended yardage. Please inform your course superintendent of the events date so they can properly set up the course for play.Format:Stableford Points Each score on a hole has a point value:Eagle = 5ptsBirdie = 4ptsPar = 3ptsBogey = 2ptDouble Bogey= 1 pt.Team Points1st2nd3rd4th5th 6th7th 8th 9th10th4038363432302826242211th12th13th14th15th16th 17th18th19th 20th2018161412108642*Players from 21st on will be rewarded 1 team point.*If you reach a point on a hole where you can’t make at least a double bogey. YOU MUST pick up your ball. This will help to speed the pace of play.Players placing 1st through 20th in Stableford points will receive “Team Points” for their respective team. Team Points will accumulate though out the series to determine the Division Champion.Steve Kladis will be the Host Professional from Rye Golf Club. Please email results to [email protected] as soon as the day’s tournaments are completed.Division Championship: The team in each division with the most total team points will be the Division champion and represent the division in the Interclub finals. In case of a division championship tie, the team points accumulated in the last event will be the tie breaker.Overall Championship: Winged Foot GC, Tuesday August 24thThe format for the championship finals will be as follows: Total aggregate score from the five of the six players on the team. In case of a tie for the overall champion, there will be a sudden death playoff. The sudden death playoff will be determined by total aggregate score of five of six players on the first sudden death playoff hole. The playoff hole can be determined by the Host Club. Pro Junior: Rye GC, Tuesday July 20thScramble FormatOne Professional and three junior golfers who participated in the Interclub, form a team.Each Club may bring multiple teams.Entry fee of $150 per team made payable to the host Professional.The host Professional is responsible for coordinating lunch and prizes for the event.Sportsmanship:All players should comport themselves in an exemplary fashion. The host professional or his designated representative may disqualify any player for breach of club, league or USGA rules. All such incidents will be reported to the coordinating club. Dress Code:Shorts: Bermuda Style shorts (no higher than 2 inches above the knee). NO cargo shorts or shorts with excessive pocketing are allowed. Pants: No denim or designer jeans are allowed. NO cargo pants of any color will be allowed. Shirts: All shirts must have collars. Tank tops, undershirts, concert t-shirts, bare tops, halter tops, tube tops, etc. are not allowed. All shirts must be tucked in. Hats: If a participant chooses to wear a hat, it must be a hat representing the club that he or she is playing for. Hats must be worn forward at all times. Breach of these rules may result in disqualification of the individual player for the match. Incomplete Rounds:In the case of illness, any points accumulated by that player before retiring will go toward the team’s total.Carts:Walking is mandatory. In the case of medical necessity, a doctor’s certificate, along with a valid driver’s license, is required and must be submitted to the host professional for the use of a cart. This ruling may not override any cart rules in force at the host club. Rules and Scoring:At all times, USGA rules will govern play. It is required that each player has a copy of the latest rules book with him or her. The host club is responsible for having score sheets and recording the events results. It will be the responsibility of each club to teach their own interclub players how to score. Host Club Responsibilities:Besides the score sheets as mentioned above, the host club is responsible for having an adult present at all times during the event. A professional need to be available at all times to monitor the event and be available to give rulings. If possible, it is best to have a small committee of 3 or 4 to help with scoring and feeding of the players at the end of the event. The host club is responsible for providing refreshments for the players. It is suggested that soda be available at the turn, and that lunch in the form of hot dogs or hamburgers with soda and chips, be available at the end of the event. Coordinator of the Interclub:The duties of the coordinator will be to call a meeting in the fall (or in the spring when the clubs have their schedules ready for the current season) to review the rules and procedures, discuss changes, and plan schedules for the upcoming Interclub season. The coordinator will hold the job for one year only and must be a representative from one of the member clubs. The order in which the club will be responsible for coordinating the yearly program, hosting the division finals, and Pro-Junior is as follows: Interclub Coordinator Division Finals CoordinatorPro- Junior Coordinator2016 LeewoodLake IsleSleepy Hollow2017Bonnie BriarLeewoodLake Isle2018RyeBonnie BriarLeewood2019Winged FootRyeBonnie Briar2021ArdsleyWinged FootRye2022WestchesterArdsleyWinged Foot2023PelhamWestchesterArdsley2024WykagylPelhamWestchester2025WaccabucWykagylPelham2026WhippoorwillWaccabucWykagyl2027 ScarsdaleWhippoorwillWaccabuc2028ApawamisScarsdaleWhippoorwill2029 KnollwoodApawamisScarsdale2030SiwanoyKnollwoodApawamis2031BedfordSiwanoyKnollwood2032Westchester HillsBedfordSiwanoy2033Mt. KiscoWestchester HillsBedford2034Sleepy HollowMt. KiscoWestchester Hills2035Lake IsleSleepy HollowMt. Kisco