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Are you searching for a healthy outdoor activity to keep your children safe and engaged during the 2024 Spring Break from school?

Look no further! Kevin Chin Golf is hosting a week-long Golf Camp event at Lake Isle Golf Club. This is a great activity for those just starting out in the world of golf. We will teach golf basics and camaraderie to all students, all while outside breathing fresh air.

This year there are 2 Spring Break Golf Camps : 5-days 3/25/24 - 3/29/24 & 5-days 4/22/24 - 4/26/24 .

Choose the appropriate age range below:

Ages: 7-11

Ages: 10-15

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What you need to know

Here is what you need to know about attending our classes:

Maintenance Entrance
  • We meet at the Lake Isle golf shop, or in front of the shop at the right side of the driving range.
    • For summer camps before 3pm we meet at the maintenance entrance/chipping green behind the New York sports club parking lot, 3pm and after the meet up is at the regular shop meeting place. *Note* if our lightning alarm is on we will be at the golf shop. (914)961-3453.
    • For winter classes please use the covered stairs, rather than the hill. No cars in the upper lot.
    • Lake Isle Dress code of no jeans and no tee shirts (except in winter) (See image below.).
    • No open-toed shoes.
    • Please label your name on your equipment & clothes
    • We hold camp in light rain, dress appropriately. We won't cancel a class once the class has begun. We have activities for indoors during bad weather. Please refer to FAQ for more of a description for rain procedures.
Dress Code

  • If the weather does cancel a class I will put a notice on my website, KevinChinGolf.com, and my Twitter account, @kevinchingolf. You can also contact me via text (914)260-9459 or email. (you can also call, but I may not pick up my cell immediately if I'm on the golf course)All cancelled groups can make up the time at another group that is of the same or less time.
  • Please note we don't have a makeup policy. If you miss there is no credit given. 
  • Please let us know of any medical issues including allergies (bees, peanuts, etc) We have a snack bar that accepts cash and credit. Click here for the menu.
  • We suggest bringing your own equipment, but we have equipment to borrow.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 


We accommodate any level. We have a chipping green, putting green, driving range and also
use of the Lake Isle golf course (when available).

Our philosophy on working with kids in these groups is; Fun! Fun! Fun! Safety is by far most
important, but it doesn’t sacrifice fun. Game Based Learning, camaraderie and confidence
building. It's not a heavy instruction program. If you want that I suggest private or semi-private

In our junior programs we promote kids using the part of the brain to mimic movement rather
than how most adults learn by using previous experiences and using the logical thinking part of
the brain (ie move your arm here and your head there) If you want that type of instruction we
suggest private or semi-private lessons.

Junior groups may combine / overlap with different age groups.

Typical breakdown in what we do in a week is as follows (this is in no way a guarantee, it’s just a
general idea) ;

  • The first day of the week is mostly spent going over safety protocols,  range etiquette and depending on course availability on-course etiquette and pace of play. We also cover the logistics of where bathrooms are, snack bar, lounge areas etc.  
  • 30% on course (if available)
  • 5% exercises (typical during weather delays)
  • 25% range
  • 30% short game (chipping + putting) (typical during weather delays)
  • 10% golf trivia, rules and etiquette (typical during weather delays)

If we get bad weather we spend time putting, rules, etiquette, score keeping, watch a little golf,
YouTube for golf, golf current events, golf trivia, etc.

We have agendas/plans for approximately 25% under the canopy for bad weather. For example
if there has been no rain Monday through Thursday, chances are Friday of that week will be
held no matter how bad the weather. It’s possible we cancel for bad weather. This is hard to
predict because of forecasts. Cancelled camps can come to another group to make up the time.

If you miss we don’t have a make up policy.

We have a snack bar that accepts cash or card. We don’t provide transportation.

For troubleshooting payment issues, please click here.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.